• FPC (Flat plate collection) based systems are of metallic type and have longer life as compared to ETC (Evacuated tube collector) based system, as ETCs are made of glass which are fragile in nature.
  • ETC based systems are 10%-20% cheaper than FPC based system. They perform better in colder regions and avoid freezing problem during sub-zero temperature. FPC based systems also perform well with anti-freeze solution at sub-zero temperature, however their cost increases.
  • At places where water is hard and has larger chlorine content, FPC based systems with Heat Exchanger must be installed as it will avoid scale deposition in copper tubes of solar collector that can block the flow of water as well reduce its thermal performance. Indian conditions are more suited for this FPC system.
  • For a house with twone bathroom and 3 to 4 members, 200 litre per day capacity system should be sufficient. For more numbers of bathrooms, the capacity will increase accordingly due to pipe losses & more number of family members. Generally the capacity is decided based on hot water required in mornings for bathing. If the usage is in evening & at other times also, the capacity is decided accordingly .
  • Requirement of Hot water system 50 litres per person is recommended.
  • If the height main water Supply tank is at the same level of Collector or the hot water outlets are more than PRESSURIZED System is recommended