The Solar Photo Voltaic panels are integrated into building design. These Glass panels can be used to replace proposed glazing areas without affecting the contemporary aesthetics of steel & glass and fixed on South façade of building .

BIPV "substitutes" existing building materials and it creates significant economic advantage over the buildings.

BIPV products often offer a higher insulation value, which also contributes to energy conservation. In essence, BIPV will not only generate power, but also reduce energy consumption. Additionally, enabling traditional building materials with high embodied energy costs to help create energy helps offset the manufacturing carbon footprint.

BIPV can be seamlessly integrated into the building envelope – which appeals to architects, designers, builders and property owners. These BIPV energy generation solar technologies can be used in a variety of building applications, including roofing, façade, and glazing.

  • The PV modules serve the dual function of building exterior ,replacing conventional building envelope materialsand power generator.
  • BIPV systems can either be interfaced with the available utility grid or they may be designed as stand-alone, off-grid systems.

BIPV Applications: