rooftop solutions
We offer expertise in installations of a wide range of tailor made solutions for Solar Rooftop On Grid and Off Grid for Residential and Commercial Establishment.

Capacity: 1kw to 100KW.

Turn this asset into a green, environmental utility.

At last solar is taking to the rooftops, especially now that many businesses are seeing the energy and investment potential in large residential and commercial rooftops

The most common place for the installation of a solar collection system is also the most obvious: on the roof. For homes and buildings with high roofs have the options to Convert them into Energy are wide open.

Advantages of Rooftop Solar system
  • Huge annual saving in your Electricity Bills.
  • Requiring minimal maintenance
  • Systems have a long life & durability.
  • Carbon Emission Reductions
  • Optimizes land usage
  • 30% subsidy on capital cost of project
  • 5% interest rate on loan
  • Accelerated depreciation on asset
Jindal Solar can Offer you.
  • Site Evaluation
  • Budgeting & Costing
  • Components Supplies
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Regular & Annual Maintenance
  • Assistance in availing Subsidies.